Mission Partnership (formerly named Outward Giving)
The main change in 2016 was an in-depth review of our “mission beyond the parish”, and what we are trying to achieve. We changed the name to Mission Partnership to recognise that we want to establish, where possible, true partnerships with the organisations and individuals whom we support. We also recognise that this is not feasible in some cases we may want to support with money, for example disaster relief or support for individuals which is confidential. One desirable outcome of ‘partnership’ is that we ourselves should be changed by our interaction with those whom we support financially.
We have drawn up a new list of principles to guide us in how we disburse the 10% of income which we set aside for mission beyond the parish. The organisations we supported during 2016 were:
CMS (Nepal) A newly arrived, experienced, couple, Andrea and Andrew Young
Save the Family Now headquartered at Cotton Hall Farm
Compassion (SPLASH charity: support Pingwendé in Burkina Faso) – or a suitable alternative
Chester Schools Christian Work (“CSCW”) Christian education in Chester area schools
Sycamore Tree Restorative Justice for Prisoners
Ministry Aviation Fellowship MAF We now support a new pilot, Israel Neale, in remote NE Australia
Agricultural Chaplaincy Personal service for local farmers
Tarporley Hospital Experiencing a major financial underfunding from the NHS
National Disaster Relief Appeal When one happens
Young Persons Bursary Awarded periodically to local youngsters going abroad to perform charity work
We continue to research the opportunities to support persecuted Christians overseas, possibly through Open Doors. We are also looking into how best to support ‘Asylum seekers and Refugees’. We are also seeking to increase the number of ‘champions’ for each charity. Please speak to me or anyone involved if you might be interested in joining the group.
John Diggle