Monday mornings A Team

The church’s workforce, mowing the churchyard and attending to other needs around our buildings and grounds. And enjoying a cuppa together.

This year the ‘A’ Team has started the grass-mowing season early, due to the mild March weather. Sincere thanks to our regular ‘A’ Team members for their very hard work and great friendliness, which make our Monday sessions so enjoyable.

We welcome back our friend Don Barden after a long session of hospital treatment. It’s so good to see him.

Although it has been a very wet winter the early start has been helpful and we have been able to mow all areas before the blossom is fully out, making the churchyard very neat and tidy, ready for Easter time.

Now able to field three modern, operational, Swedish-designed mulching mowers, we hope to be able keep well ahead of the grass this year.

The graveyard database has again been updated and work continues ongoing to resolve several queries from old records dating back to 1930 and beyond.

Ted Wilkinson 01829 781134