Music Group

Music Group
The music group has really enjoyed developing our repertoire and the quality of the music worship we are delivering on second Sundays.  Musicians have also been involved in playing at other services, especially using flute, violin and piano, which has added variety to the music and they have engaged with the choir and congregation. For the Folk Festival service we even had added guitar, flute and violin, which helped enhance the worship and musical experience for those attending.
It’s been wonderful to welcome Helen to the group and she’s played clarinet with us a number of times.  We really are indebted to the Wisbeys for their kind gift to the church of a new high quality electric piano and a PA system that allows us to be much more cohesive as a group.  Over the last few months we’ve been gradually introducing some new songs and as a congregation we’re getting to know (and love, if the feedback is accurate) them too. 
We’re always delighted to be joined by fellow musicians and players of all abilities.  Nothing we do is too complicated and our practising once before each service is never onerous.  If you can carry a tune, we’d love to hear from you. 
Most of the worship songs we play are now available on the church website as youtube videos so if you’d like to get to know them more this is a good place to start.  We promise that after a few listens you’ll be whistling them all day!
Chris Spray & Elaine Shakspeare

Waiting here for You

10,000 reasons Matt Redman

Remembrance ( Communion song) Matt Maher

Jesus hope of the Nations.

Strength will rise

Cornerstone - Hillsong

My Jesus, My Saviour

Beautiful One

The splendour of the King