Care Group

The Care Group has continued to meet at bi-monthly intervals. During the year we have kept up-to-date with parishioners who have needed care in one way or another, whether it be visiting the sick at home or in hospital, or the bereaved in the weeks after a death. Lyn has continued to organise Thanksgiving and Baptism visitors and Val has continued to send cards to the bereaved. We have sent cards for special birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions when we have known about them. We continue to be complementary to other organisations in the village and we are able to find out information for families when it is needed. Peter and John have taken communion to the housebound and so are valuable links with the Care Group. Lis continues to lead services at Sable Cottage. The Care Group is part of the outreach to those on the fringe of church or for those who don't come to church. We also held a book sale to raise funds for church, which again was part of the Group's outreach. We are aware that there are a lot of people in the village who keep an eye on their elderly neighbours so please continue to pray for them and for all of us. We are always short of volunteers to call on for a lift or a visit, so if you could offer this service, please let us know.

Norma Nixey