Care Group

We have continued to meet bi- monthly, focussing on making sure that we are aware of people in the parish who are sick, who are in hospital and others who need a visit because they are in long term care. Val Bogle does sterling job sending out bereavement cards and also sending cards on the anniversary of a death. This is a new initiative which we hope will show to the family that St. Philip's has not forgotten them. A second initiative is sending a card to those more on the periphery of church a few weeks after the funeral to say that someone will telephone to see if they would appreciate a visit and, if so, one is arranged.
Lyn Rischmiller continues to organise Baptism visits and we continue to send anniversary cards now until the child is five. There is also a special invitation to Mothering Sunday. Special birthdays and anniversaries are also marked (when we have the information). Many thanks go out to the whole team for the special efforts they make in visiting but also to every "good neighbour."

Norma Nixey