Beckett’s Croft
The group consists currently of 12 fairly regular members who meet about twice a month, Autumn to Spring, on Monday evening at 8 - 9.30pm. We prefer to study books of the Bible, drawing on commentaries and resource books for guidance. No-one is an expert, but most have a little Bible knowledge, often learnt in early youth. We are not too serious, and there is quite a lot of laughter with the learning, and listening to each other.
We have just completed an in depth study of the letters of Peter, which we have found to be a really interesting and encouraging time. Now we are studying the first letter of John, before stopping for the Summer. If you even a little bit interested in joining us, you are more than welcome. To find out more, contact John Diggle,, 752608.

Thursday Growth Group Over the past year, we have met (almost) every fortnight to study the Bible, discuss it's meaning and share how we are doing in our relationships with God. Materials we have used to help us with these discussions include the book 'Ten' by Christian author J John (which looked at each of the Ten Commandments and helped us consider to apply these to our lives) and a Bible study book on the life of the apostle Peter (using this we looked at passages from the Gospels and Acts which helped us to observe how knowing Christ changed Peter over time and also encouraged us to see how God uses imperfect people to achieve amazing things!). Next we are looking forward to exploring the subject of prayer and considering how to incorporate this learning into our lives, both individually and as a growth group. In addition, in May we are planning to start on a series of new, monthly sessions entitled 'Know your church, know your neighbourhood' which will be delivered by a member of 'Transforming Lives Together' (a venture between the Diocese of Chester and the Church Urban Fund). Anyone who is interested in attending these sessions would be most welcome!

There are two other Growth Groups which meet regularly, the No.1 Ladies Growth Group, which meets on a Wednesday, and a new Vicarage Growth Group, which began as a Christianity Explored group, then studied Discipleship Explored and has also been a Lent group. We will now continue to meet twice a month. Anyone interested in joining any of these groups will be very welcome – see Peter for details.

Care Group

The Care group has continued to meet every two months. Our members have visited the long term sick and those in residential care. Offers of transport have been made.
We are looking at ways by which we can improve our baptism and funeral follow-ups.
As we all have busy lives both in church and out, it is good to know that we all watch out for our neighbours and spread the church's care throughout the village. Thank you all

Norma Nixey


Mum’s Group
The Mum's Group, comprising a pool of 7 Mums from the village, met approximately every 4 weeks for fellowship and to encourage each other in our walk with God. During this time, we used the 'Frontline' materials from ICC, which we found very helpful, particularly when considering ways we can show Jesus to those around us. We would welcome new members, so please consider joining us!

Keren Coney


‘No 1 Ladies’ Homegroup
We completed our summer study, ‘Unglued’ - God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it! by Lysa TerKeurst, from which we all gained a lot. So much so, we will revisit the study in the near future as there was a lot more material in the study guide that we didn’t do justice to. We then spent the rest of the summer months producing a recipe book entitled ‘Thinking outside the basket - loaves, fishes and a whole lot more' which was a compilation of our favourite recipes, made with foods mentioned in the bible that we use today. We initially started on this project as we had a task as a Homegroup to raise a few pennies for the church, which we accomplished, as all but a couple of the copies we had printed sold before Christmas. Everyone in the group was involved in producing this book and we had much fun in doing so.
During the autumn term we also started on a study entitled ‘Heaven is for Real’. The book is written by a Christian pastor, Todd Burpo, who writes about the months following his son Colton’s emergency surgery in 2003, in which his son describes events and people that seemed impossible for him to have seen or met. Examples include his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and claimed that he personally met Jesus riding a rainbow-coloured horse and sat in Jesus' lap, while the angels sang songs to him. The book has now been made into a film to be released this April. We have yet to finish the study as after Christmas we joined with the rest of the Homegroups and church to study Christianity Explored, which took us back to the basics of our Christian faith, which was both interesting and revealing.

We presently have 9 members and continue to meet every fortnight at one of our homes on a Wednesday evening 8 till late!  Our topics of discussion are usually something we can all relate to in our present stage of life, with a Christian viewpoint.

Danielle Clarke